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Information about the  Troy University Interpreter Training Program

Troy University's Interpreter Training Program is a 5 year Bachelors of Science program that offers students an opportunity to pursue a career in interpreting. This program covers study in ASL, linguistics, interpreting theory, discourse analysis, skills in interpreting, and real world observation and experience during Practicum and Internship during the students' final year (in Fall and Spring semester, respectively).

During Practicum, students are required to observe and team with (when appropriate) nationally certified interpreters in 10 different interpreting settings.

During internship, students are required to complete two 300 hour internships (300 hours in the community setting and 300 hours in the educational setting). Students will contact various agencies, schools, and/or organizations to apply to work as an intern, and will team with various certified interpreters in these organizations. Also, each student will work with one mentor for each internship, maintaining regular contact and seeking guidance from these people throughout the spring semester.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, or have questions about this role, please contact Brian Cerney (program director) at

The future of the interpreting profession and the successful graduation of each student depends on the willingness and support of interpreters already in the field. Your involvement is incredibly appreciated.

Troy's ASL/ITP club hosts monthly meetings, ASL dinners and chats, and an annual student run conference, Alabama Interpreting Metamorphoses    (AIM). To attend any of these events or to learn more about the club, please

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