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Sue Scott, BA, CSC, CI, CT, NAD V

The Sue Scott Scholarship 

About Sue Scott:

Marilyn Sue Scott (retired) was a founding member of ALRID and for several decades, a strong RID supporter and advocate, initiated an interpreter training program in Alabama, served on the AL Licensure Board of Interpreters and Transliterators (ALBIT) for multiple terms, and has demonstrated a life long involvement in ALRID, interpreting and interpreter education.  She has inspired, nurtured, and helped to educate a vast number of interpreters toward national certification.  

Ms. Scott is a certified RID member (retired) and holds the CSC, CI, CT and the NAD V interpreter certifications.  In addition, she was awarded the “ALRID Mary Lou Bingham Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2002 as recognition of her major contributions to ALRID’s growth, interpreting programs, and administrative functions throughout her career.

About the Sue Scott Scholarship

In June 2002, the ALRID Professional Development Committee proposed naming the ALRID scholarship for taking the RID performance tests in honor of Ms. Sue Scott. The recommendation was accepted and the Sue Scott Scholarship Award was born. In the summer of 2003, ALRID voted to setup the Sue Scott Scholarship Fund by increasing membership dues an additional $5 and apply the increase towards this fund.

The Sue Scott Scholarship Award is awarded to an ALRID member who is an interpreting or transliterating candidate to help offset the costs of taking an RID written or performance exam for certification.  Specifically, through the Sue Scott Scholarship Award, ALRID annually, as funds permit, awards scholarships for the partial payment (50%) of one RID Written or Performance test or the CDI test to promote certification of interpreters in the state of Alabama.

Scholarship Application Criteria:

Applicants must be a member of RID (associate, student, or certified) and ALRID.

Applicants will receive no more than one Sue Scott Scholarship award for each test taken.

Awards are for future tests only. Applications for reimbursements will not be accepted for 
tests already taken.

How to Apply:

Each applicant must complete the application packet including:

  1. Sue Scott Scholarship Application or click here to submit online.
  2. A personal philosophy of interpreting and future plans;
  3. A resume (outlining education, workshops/training attended/completed, professional experience);
  4. Proof of participation in an ALRID sponsored activity (approved by RID CMP/ACET program) training prior to and in preparation for the test for which applicant is applying to take;
  5. Proof of having passed the RID Generalist Written Exam if taking an RID performance test;
  6. Three (3) letters of recommendation: two from certified ALRID members and one from a Deaf consumer (AAD member preferred).

All materials must be received three months before the scheduled test.  Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

The ALRID PDC Chair shall choose a committee to review all applications and choose the recipients.

The PDC Chair shall notify the recipient in writing of the decision.

If awarded, a check shall be made payable to RID for half of the cost of one test and be awarded to the recipient.

The Scholarship recipient shall be recognized in the ALRID Newsletter, the ALRID Web Page, and other publicity at the Board's request.

Should the recipient miss the scheduled RID test and forfeit the fee, the recipient must repay the entire scholarship amount to ALRID within 90 days of the test. Failure to repay will prevent future applications from being accepted.

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